Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls


Building Landscape Retaining Walls

An overview of our landscape design services and building capabilities.

Land Design has the landscape wall to suit your needs. With the selection of styles, colors, and textures available, you can find the perfect wall to enhance your landscaping project. Create curved or straight walls, terraces, stairs, planters, and pillars. Whether it is a decorative accent wall, free standing seat wall, natural stone wall, engineered functional retaining wall, or a creative path of tiered landscaping with beautiful walls that stand out with class, Land Design is the only company you want to design and build your wall project.

Our walls are built right, built beautiful, and built to last.


Retaining Wall Systems and Freestanding Wall Systems

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Create the vertical dimension

Adding fireplaces, fire pits, water features, garden walls, seat walls, pillars and other vertical elements can help transform your outdoor spaces into an outdoor living area. Incorporating the same accents from the horizontal surface creates a unified design.

The design possibilities are virtually endless. We give you peace of mind ensuring everything will be beautifully finished, artfully crafted and structurally sound. Retaining walls can add beauty as well as functionality to any landscaping project. Retaining walls systems need sound planning & design before you begin construction.Landscape Retaining Walls
Style, shape and size of retaining wall block are also used in the design process.
The desired slope of your landscaped area will determine the size and shape of your retaining wall.

Segmental Retaining Walls
( Block Wall Systems)

Before, it was just a yard with a hill and a few trees. Now, that yard has been transformed by beautiful retaining walls that harmonize with nature around it.

Segmental retaining walls have many advantages including design flexibility, aesthetics, economics, ease of installation, structural performance, and durability. A Segmental Retaining Wall System combines the stringent design requirements of engineered retaining walls with the beauty of architectural landscaping.
Segmental Retaining Walls are available in units of various sizes and weights, making it possible to construct a Retaining Wall in the oddest of places. If you have curves or other unique layouts, you will have no trouble installing a Segmental Retaining Wall system. Segmental Retaining Walls are so versatile that they are ideal for both heavy-duty walls in commercial projects and smaller sites in residential backyards.

Freestanding Walls

Freestanding wall blocks allow you to achieve the look of a natural stone wall, while match your existing natural stone pavers on your patios, walkways and driveways.You can easly combine the freestanding wall with columns,seatwalls, planters and steps. The dramatic wall adds a touch of polished character and intimacy to any outdoor space. Seat walls offer additional seating space while serving as a perimeter for your patio.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Stone Walls are a beautiful addition to your landscape. We are experts in the installation of natural stone. Land Design takes pride on being a landscaping company that has the know-how and ability to provide you with the highest quality installation of your natural stone. Natural stone retaining walls give the outdoor landscape a natural, classic and timeless look. This is my personal favorite. There are many types of natural stone and this is always a great choice.

We will show you stone walls constructed out of a number of different kinds of stone. One thing you can say about using stone for construction, there is no other building material known to man that can rival stone for its magnificent splendor, intransience, and of course its enduring popularity.

Boulder Walls

Boulder walls are the preferred choice when building retaining walls by most home owners. Multi family housing developments look better and less commercial with boulder walls. They build them at less cost than any style block system. Boulder walls look natural in any landscape for homes and businesses. Made from field stone or natural materials, these durable walls protect your soil from erosion while complimenting your landscape.Cut boulder stair systems are very popular. Fieldstone Boulder walls are characteristic of landscapes here in the Upper Midwest.


Rock outcroppings make it appear that the rock being placed into your landscape has always been there.Outcroppings are natural irregular large slabs & chunks of stones used for landscape accents, waterfalls, steps, small bridges, walls and commercial and residential stone signs. Outcroppings are natural geometric stone that’s rock faced in various sizes and colors. We strive to make the outcropping look as if it has been untouched by time.

Outcropping Limestone Seat Wall

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Patio & Terraces

Create rooms

As you design your outdoor space, create distinct areas. These spaces can be defined by changing the elevation with 1 or 2 steps or by adding seat walls. Seat walls also provide added seating for large-get-togethers and eliminate the need for extra furniture. Anchoring walls with pillars adds a nice touch to the design and can be used to mount beautiful and functional lanterns.

Shoreline Enhancement

Get the most out of your waterfront! Enhance your shoreline to create stunning views, beautiful and functional points of access, and eye-pleasing methods of erosion control. Land Design Landscape is skilled and experienced in shoreline enhancement. Land Design Landscape has a strong history of successful collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the process of gaining approval for flood-plain improvements and shoreline restoration

Time to Replace Your Timber Retaining Wall?

Is your timber retaining wall starting to look old and gray or rotting in places? Worse yet, is it failing or threatening to fall down? These are definite indicators that something needs to be done.
Failing timber retaining walls can be a major source of hazard in your yard and surrounding properties and pose dangers to your friends and family. Over time, all wood retaining walls fail or simply deteriorate. Replacing with another wood retaining wall means knowing you will have to replace it again in the future once it again deteriorates and fails. Each replacement is a costly proposition. As the appearance of your timber retaining wall begins to fade so does its structural integrity. In many cases timber walls are incorrectly replaced by constructing a timber retaining wall in front of the old, and that can only lead to another short-term fix.


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GORGEOUS RETAINING WALL SYSTEMS FOR HOMEOWNERS IN Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities, Minnesota

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