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Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas: Getting Cozy….

With more and more homeowners looking to take advantage of their outdoor living spaces each year, features like outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to making it possible to entertain friends and family outside for longer each season, outdoor fireplaces also pack a big punch in terms of landscape design.

Outdoor Fireplace Design

Indoors, the fireplace is the visual and social centerpiece of a room, creating both warmth and atmosphere in a space, and outdoors is no exception. Few elements offer the relaxation that a dancing flame can elicit on the mind, body, and spirit.

Enjoy the long summer nights and cool fall evenings around an outdoor fireplace or custom firepit built to your unique needs and individual tastes.

We work directly with trusted, quality landscape suppliers, individually inspecting and selecting our materials for the highest quality and most favorable form. Be assured that the materials we choose for your outdoor fireplace or firepit are of the utmost quality, providing a lasting sanctuary that pleases all the senses.


When you spend the time to properly plan and build your outdoor fireplace it can turn your yard into a cozy, inviting area where you can enjoy quiet evenings alone or invite friends to share the ambient glow of your beautiful stone outdoor fireplace. Your outdoor fireplace must meet local codes, and these usually specify firebricks made to withstand the high heat of a fireplace. Safe design and ventilation are crucial, especially if your outdoor fireplace shares your home’s exterior wall.

Heat Things Up with An Outdoor Fireplace

We know too well that summers in Minneapolis / St. Paul are too short.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy outdoor living well into autumn.  An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is the perfect way to extend the life of your “outdoor living room” and cozy up with family and friends longer into the cooler seasons. With so many styles and types to choose from outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can be seamlessly integrated into any patio design.

Fire Pit

The fire pit is the outdoor fireplace that truly connects people to the outdoors and the stars above. No need to feel too rustic, though, as pit areas can be as elaborate or simple in design as you need. Surrounding patios can make the fire pit the focal centre of the area, or off-side for a more private, intimate feel.

Many of us have good memories of gathering around a campfire on a chilly evening in the great outdoors. Outdoor fire pits are great if you’re looking for that feel of being around a campfire but you want it in the comfort of your own back yard. An outdoor fire pit will provide you with a 360 view of the fire and provide a circular area for guests to stand around while enjoying the warmth and glow of the fire. Outdoor fire pits can be as rustic as a fire ring in the ground surrounding the dancing flames, or something more decorative like a raised metal bowl with shapes cut into it, or a mosaic tile table surrounding a sunken fire bowl.

Proper fire pit design will help you get the most warmth and beauty for your dollar. Many portable and custom fireplaces are constructed to conserve warmth around the perimeter. Walls and masonry should be placed close by to absorb heat. Gently radiate it back on to the people enjoying the fire pit.

Fireplace Kits

A fireplace kit is a great addition and can bring added value to your home. Before you buy your kit, be sure to consider such factors as location of the kit, how it should be installed, and the best design suitable for your space.Fireplace kits are available in different sizes, colors, types,styles and options. They also allow you to enjoy your outdoor area earlier and later in the season, providing more usable space in your home. If you’re looking for an attractive outdoor patio fireplace that is affordable and easy to assemble, consider outdoor fireplace kits.


“Bring the luxuries of your home into an outdoor living paradise”

When integrated correctly, an outdoor fireplace can easily become the focal point in any outdoor living design. Want one that both suits your design style and encourages you to get cozy, any time of year?

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