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Personal Attention to Detail and Our Clients.Working closely with Clients, Architects, Property Managers and Developers we’ve created environments that enrich the living experience and add interest and character to both existing and new construction. As a full-service design build landscaping company, Land design offers a full spectrum of landscaping installation services and a complete range of landscaping products to ensure your project’s beauty and longevity.If you’re interested in designing and installing a walkway, patio, terrace, steps, landing, wall, BBQ structure, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, driveway, pier, pavers, fountain, or a sport court we here at Land Design Landscaping can do it all.


Creative Landscaping Services

Providing design and construction for the finest outdoor living spaces in Minneapolis / St.Paul & Metro Area.

The scope of our work includes but is not limited to the following areas:

Landscape Designer Architect

Landscape Design

Truly great landscape design starts with understanding your unique wants and desires. It is a collaborative process. Our expert landscaper designers will listen to your input, culminating in a cohesive landscape design plan that spells out every variable and budget consideration. If you are interested in learning more about our custom landscape garden design services and the enhancements  we offer please feel free to get in touch with us. We want you to love the view out of every window in your home. Your property should be an oasis made to impress and inspire all year long. We are ready to beautify your surroundings.


Softscape (Planting)

Land Design creates extraordinary living designs that feature beautiful and unique trees, shrubs and plants.We expertly integrate softscape into your existing plantings and hardscape, or we can develop an entirely new design that enhances your property. Drawing on your home’s visual cues, plantings will be chosen that combine colors, textures, and forms to match the existing architecture. We take pride in each and every garden we create. To us, they are our own works of art on display and something for our clients to admire and enjoy.Your property should be an oasis made to impress and inspire all year long. We are ready to beautify your surroundings.


Exterior Woodwork

  Add a custom built cedar or treated pine Pergola to expand your outdoor living space. The columns help create the feeling of an outdoor room, while the roof offers shade and a place for vines to grow. The roof of the Pergola also offers a place to mount low voltage landscape lights. These lights can illuminate a dining table, which extends the enjoyable hours of their outdoor living space. Clients tell us they can now enjoy being outdoors during the hot afternoon sun, thanks to the shade their Pergolas offer.



Patio & Terraces

Patios & Terraces

Land Design provides the design and installation of walks, patios and driveways using a wide range of materials, including concrete pavers, clay pavers, pattern stone, flagstone and specialty gravels. An outdoor patio is so much more than simply a place to lounge. Today’s living spaces encompass much more than simply the interior of your home. Offering a sanctuary from which to enjoy your home’s landscape, the outdoor patio is at the epicenter of outdoor living.

Why not remove your cracked concrete walkway and replace it with long lasting, durable and beautiful paving stones. Your choice of paver style and color. Using different types and colors of pavers as accents and borders will make your project unique.


Retaining Walls

Land Design has the landscape wall to suit your needs. With the selection of styles, colors, and textures available, you can find the perfect wall to enhance your landscaping project. Create curved or straight walls, terraces, stairs, planters, and pillars.

Sculpt the grade with a retaining wall. Your choice of concrete wall blocks, natural stone boulders, or decorative sitting walls. All to create elevated planting beds which add interest and dimension to the look of your home. Boulders are a cost effective way to create larger walls, Outcroppings and a natural look.

The design possibilities are virtually endless. We give you peace of mind ensuring everything will be beautifully finished, artfully crafted and structurally sound. Retaining walls can add beauty as well as functionality to any landscaping project. Retaining walls systems need sound planning & design before you begin construction.


Water Features

Check out our Water Features. Enjoy your outdoor space with the peaceful and relaxing sound of a water feature. Also appreciate the low maintance of vanishing or pondless water falls and features. How about a low maintenance pondless waterfall? Or maybe a bubbling boulder? Think about it…

It’s hard to describe the wonderful ambiance a water element brings to your space, but once you have one you immediately fall in love. Whether a rushing stream with a series of crashing waterfalls or a gentle rain curtain….. we can help design a water element that suits your specific desires. We install water elements for enthusiasts, as well as busy families with little time for added maintenance. So don’t let the idea of work deter you from the peace and tranquility running water brings to your space.


Firepit & Fireplace

How about a fire pit? Extend the available hours of your outdoor living space by enjoying a warm and relaxing fire.There is no better way to enjoy a cool evening than a Fire Element built in your outdoor living space. It allows you to enjoy your space earlier in the spring, or later into the fall without having to retire indoors when the cooler weather sets in. While you have most likely have seen a standard fire pit and we build many, the world is open with our imagination to create a unique fire element never seen before for your outdoor living space.


Outdoor Living

NOW we’re talking about outdoor living! Grilling out is a staple part of the summer, but why bind your inner chef to the restraints of a simple grill when you can have a whole outdoor kitchen! Nothing makes a get-together easier than having everything you need to accommodate your guests already in place.

From outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas to custom outdoor fireplaces and firepits, your outdoor living space will be a unique and breathtaking design for living. Land Design’s Landscape specializes in creating well built outdoor living spaces for homeowners. With limited warm weather in Minnesota, the time spent outdoors with your family is precious. Expand your living space to the outdoors with a pergola, fire pit, fire place, water feature, built-in BBQ, landscape lighting, patio, pillars, seating walls, an outdoor kitchen, and more.


Outdoor Lighting

Nothing changes the nighttime feel and look of your outdoor space like landscape lighting. In landscape design today, little else has garnered as much popularity as outdoor lighting. Aside from its obvious role to provide nighttime accessibility, lighting in your garden enhances the security of your home while it also sets the mood. Outdoor lighting today can be as creative, versatile, and functional as it is indoors. Whether it be ambient lighting (where the light fixtures are never seen), fiber optic lighting (for underwater use in a pond or pool), ornamental lighting (where the fixture or light pattern itself is an element in the design), or whatever. Your imagination is the limit, and Land Design Landscaping is here to help design and install it.

At Land Design Landscape Company, our landscape lighting experts will craft a lightscape that maximizes the visual elements of your home. Our low voltage landscape lighting is sure to discover new ways to use and enjoy your property.

Let us light your home and landscape with energy efficient and long lasting LED bulbs.  Landscape Lighting Adds; Safety, Security, Beauty and Curb Appeal. Increase the usable hours of enjoyment of your home for you and your family.



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