Landscaping Water Features, Ponds and Waterfalls

Land Design specializes in the artistic design,construction and professional installation of elegant and soothing natural water garden features including ponds and waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, fish ponds, streams,raingardens and decorative water fountains. Land Design pays great attention to detail in designing, installing and maintaining water gardens so that they can be enjoyed at all times of the year.


Landscaping Water Features, Pond Water Features

Ponds and waterfalls become the backyard retreat for our customers; a place to unwind and let all the worries of the day slip away while watching the majestic Koi swim gracefully through the lily pads.Let the sound of the waterfall transport you to another place where the sounds of a keyboard are replaced with that of babbling streams and croaking frogs. Landscaping Water Features, Pond Water Features

Whether you desire a koi pond, freestanding waterfall, or fountain, Land Design is there to help you through the design , installation, and construction of your outdoor water feature.

The pleasant flow of water helps block background noise and enhance the tranquility and peacefulness of your outdoor living areas and patios. Fountains, waterfalls and other water features can add beauty, sound, lushness and intimacy to any landscape. We design water features that compliment your home or property and transform the grounds into a unique setting.

The art is in making them look natural, creating a serene space to relax and rejuvenate.

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Landscaping Water Features, Pond Water Features


Enjoy the soothing sounds of a water fountain in your home or office. Water Fountains have many benefits including indoor and outdoor décor, feng shui, stress relief and relaxation. An outdoor water fountain can be a gathering place for you and your feathered friends (birds). Relaxing next to your water fountain, hearing the soothing sounds of water you will think your backyard is the best place to be.There are many different styles of outdoor water fountains available. There are garden wall fountains, tiered water fountains, solar powered water fountains, pond fountains, stone water fountains and light weight outdoor water fountains. Fountains can have lights, be solar, and all kinds of other fancy forms.

Wall Fountains are a great addition to any home or garden. The wall fountains are ideal.

Landscaping Water Features, Pond Water Features

Bird Baths

Bird baths are a great way to attract birds to your yard or garden, and bird baths come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. It should be easy to find a bird bath to complement your garden or yard.

Bird baths form the center of attraction in any garden plan which re placed in a position which can be viewed from the windows of home as well as office. Bird baths can be placed carefully on decks, patios as well as terraces. But these bird baths must be designed in a very careful manner.


Landscaping Water Features, Pond Water Features


From small formal patio ponds, to a backyard oasis holding thousands of gallons, we install ponds with your unique style in mind. State of the art components insure years of trouble free operation.The addition of waterfalls, trees, shrubs, aquatic plants, night lighting and koi fish can enhance the beauty of the pond.


A beautiful natural looking waterfall, cascading over natural rock and boulders, meandering down a small stream over a flat stone creates beauty and relaxation to your landscape.

Pondless Waterfalls

Landscaping Water Features, Pond Water Features

Great for customers who don’t want a pond… just a waterfall and stream. Pondless Waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall and/or stream without the presence of a pond. This is a great alternative for front yard pond because there is no ecological need to run the system continuously.


The look of a natural stream is a welcome site to any property. A stream can meandor down a hillside or ripple through your landscape. All streams are contoured to the project.

Building a stream in your backyard can make a pond appear much more natural. Streams can empty into ponds just as waterfalls do or just babble merrily along to the bottom of the slope where nature would naturally form a body of water. In such a setting you can have a natural looking stream that ends in a water garden pond.

Landscaping Water Features, Pond Water Features