Today we are seeing really elaborate hardscape spaces with seating & retaining walls, columns, steps, and especially nice pavements being used on the flooring surfaces.

Though many people might not realize it, hardscapes are an important element in building and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. Any landscape can be enhanced with the installation of a hardscape; and at Land Design Landscaping, we have an experienced team of service professionals who can work with you in finding the perfect solutions to your hardscape needs.
Landscaping isn’t exclusively about green spaces; in fact, the design and installation of a hardscape can shape more useable spaces within the structure of your outdoor area. At Land Design Landscaping, we’ve become area leaders in every aspect of landscape services for a reason, and that continues from green to gravel and everywhere in between.
Our landscape designs incorporate both softscapes and hardscapes.


Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding area—Proud member of the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association and the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI)

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Every project is unique, and we want to explore every path possible for achieving the goal of building and improving the health, beauty, and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Hardscapes can guide the flow of the landscape; and at Land Design Landscaping, we consider the natural elements of your land to be a crucial part of creating that flow. The investment you’ve made in your property should benefit your budget and provide you with an environment that is conducive and complementary to the natural elements around it. At Land Design Landscaping, we design hardscapes that enhance and enliven your garden, plays up your pool, or provides you with the perfect platform for your outdoor living area. We believe that each and every landscape can be an oasis, and a hardscape is often the ideal solution in achieving exactly that.


Hardscaping – or hard landscaping – is a branch of landscaping that encompasses anything to do with your yard or commercial property’s external areas that is not vegetation.
What is Hardscaping:
Paved walkways and paths
Walls and fences
Patios and decking
Yard ornaments and rocks
Pergolas and gazebos
Hardscapes provide functionality too, improving the livability and usefulness of your yard, particularly in a domestic setting.
Hardscapes includes such features as:
Segmental retaining walls
Gazebo and Trellis Design and Construction
Outdoor Kitchens
Concrete masonry fencing
Fieldstone paths
Concrete paving
Edging & Mulching

Better Quality, Less Bling

Post-recession: Over-the-top, showy landscapes are out. Now, homeowners prefer to invest in quality and natural materials. Here, scale is key to a good design.

Patio & Terraces

Indoors Ventures Outside

Thanks to new outdoor fabrics, which are made from acrylic fibers and are fade-resistant and waterproof, homeowners can create permanent living spaces outdoors with comfortable fabrics and furniture.

Exterior Woodwork

Land Design is a full service outdoor design/build firm. Our innovative outdoor living designs focus on comfort and functionality, while utilizing complementary materials appropriate to the budget and location. While each project is unique in location, scope, and program we remain true to our overall goal of bringing the interior to the exterior.

Patio & Terraces

PREMIUM PATIO DESIGN SUPPLIES FOR HOMEOWNERS IN THE Minneapolis, MN, AREA. We offer a vast selection of pavers, walls, and related products you can use to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor retreat that you and your family will love.

Retaining Walls

Land Design offers a wide range of wall systems in various colors and textures that are perfect for either straight or curved wall structures. Our retaining wall systems are suitable for heavy-duty landscaping when steep slopes or large areas need to be contained. /p>

Water Features

Our goal is creating natural looking water features that appear to have always existed in their surrounding landscape as well as cutting edge fountains and sustainable designs. From container water gardens and bubbling rocks to meandering streams and cascading waterfalls, fountainscape and pondless waterfall systems make it easy and affordable to transform any back yard into a soothing sanctuary.Land Design can design water features that fit every lifestyle and any budget.

Fire pit & Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace construction is becoming more and more popular in the Twin Cities area. There’s nothing quite like a warm, crackling fire to create a sense of relaxation and peace – and to keep you, your family, and your guests nice and warm on chilly days or nights. Imagine being able to read a book outside under the stars while warming your feet beside a roaring fire.

Outdoor Living

We pride ourselves on our impressive versatility. We are a full-service landscape design and installation company.

Outdoor Lighting

Transform your life with the beauty of light. When you spend the money on landscaping your yard, you should have the opportunity to appreciate it anytime of the day or night. Unfortunately, visibility at night is often limited.Garden lighting serves many purposes — from accenting landscape features such as pergolas and fountains, to drawing attention to stately trees and specimen plants. Well-placed exterior lighting can prevent guests from tripping down stairs or keep would-be burglars at bay by lighting up a backyard.


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