Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting



Consider the best Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting personalized to your home and lifestyle.

Outdoor Spaces need outdoor landscape lighting.


Low Voltage Landscape Lights

The Best Memories Happen After The Sun Goes Down

Let Land Design landscape lighting illuminate every occasion and invite people into your home safely and beautifully – highlighting walkways, architectural elements, gathering spaces, water features and more. Land Design landscaping can show you all of the possibilities and deliver the best, most efficient lighting to bring your home to life.

Land Design Landscaping installs high quality, low voltage, outdoor landscape lighting manufactured in the United States. Unlike plastic/metal kit lighting found in hardware stores, our landscape lighting systems are comprised of architectural grade components.

Outdoor lighting should enhance your outdoor areas at night time. Highlight the best of what your landscape offers by installing outdoor lights to showcase the features that deserve some extra attention. Create a focal point for a water feature, swimming pool or just use landscape lighting to emphasize your landscapes.

Outdoor Path Lighting

Lighting adds year-round interest

Illuminate sidewalks, stone pathways and lawn walkways while adding a hint of intrigue to boulders and plant beds.

Walkway or path lights placed just above grade level along sidewalks, driveways, or informal paths in the landscape to safely lead a person from one location to another. Path light fixtures are generally low to the ground and cast a spreading light. You can use them to create small, soft puddles of light to illuminate a garden path.

Outdoor Patio & Deck Lighting

Accentuate all of the beauty and detail of your deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, steps, handrails and more.

Deck lighting is specialized outdoor lighting for wood porches, balconies, and decks. Lights are mounted inconspicuously on deck railings, steps, and around the perimeter of the deck for safety. Nothing finishes off a deck like low voltage deck lighting. It provides safety lighting to help you walk around without tripping or falling over chairs, tables and other accessories you might have on your deck.

Outdoor Accent Lighting

Lights placed at ground level with the lights aiming upward to highlight focal points in the landscape, such as specimen trees, signs, and architectural features is uplighting. The lights not only highlight features from the outside, but they also provide for an extension of the interior living spaces at night. Fixtures of this type may include spot or flood lights as well as in-ground fixtures. Up-lighting is not limited to just plants.  Other structures like fountains, statues, walls, and fences all offer great opportunities for creative up-lighting applications.

Lights placed above an object or area and aimed downward to imitate natural light such as simulating moonlight, or for providing security to an area, such as at back entrance is downlighting. Care should be taken to hide or shield these light fixtures from view to create a true natural light. Fixtures of this type include spot or flood lights.

Dramatically focus attention to trees, yard art, architectural features, outdoor walkways, gardens and more.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting also provides safety and security. Learn how to use lighting to illuminate walkways to prevent trips. Properly placed fixtures can increase the safety and usefulness of paths, steps, entrances and driveways. Plus, exterior lights can contribute to home security.

Outdoor stair lights must be located in the vicinity of the stairs and be capable of illuminating or lighting up the entire stairwell, including the stair treads and the top and bottom landings.

Outdoor Hardscape Lighting

Lighting adds year-round interest

Highlight your stone features, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, steps, handrails, benches, outdoor living and more.

Outdoor Underwater & Water Accent Lighting

Enhance and highlight flowing water in waterfalls streams and fountains. Create a magical mirroring affect on still waters, like ponds and pools.

Outdoor Winter Lighting

Lighting adds year-round interest

When designing your landscape, it’s easy to focus on the growing season and forget about the long winter. However, considering winter maintenance during the design phase can save you a great deal of money and energy on snow management. Good design can also allow you to use your landscaping in winter rather than just look at it from indoors.

Outdoor Lighting

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Land Design will customize your landscape lighting design and proposal to fit your outdoor landscape lighting . Give use a call.

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