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Enjoy a relaxed brunch in your outdoor living area or have a group of friends over for an evening barbecue. With our design, you will have the ideal entertainment space for groups large and small!



Outdoor Living Areas

Whether an outdoor fireplace, cedar arbor, extended patio, custom stonework, water features, built-in grill and refrigerators, fire pit, or a gorgeous outdoor space with “all of the above”, Land Design Landscape can deliver the backyard of your dreams.

Outdoor living construction ranges from simple patio projects to custom decks and patios that include all of these amenities and often more. If you can dream it, we can build it.


Our passion and excitement for “outdoor living” means we are driven to turn ordinary backyards into extraordinary outdoor living spaces. We want our clients to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living – from living room and kitchen areas to barbeque pits and grill islands. We apply our specialty construction and design expertise to develop your master plan, and then we work with you to make it happen within your creative and budgetary needs.

Consider outdoor living spaces if:
  • You enjoy spending time outdoors
  • You want to create a beautiful focal point in your yard
  • You want a new way to relax outside
  • You have a family gatherings or entertain guests often

Outdoor Living Areas are  so big now that people are bringing the indoors outside by turning their porches, decks, and patios, into kitchens, dining rooms, and living room areas that are perfect for entertaining.

Creating Outdoor Rooms

Even a small space can be made to feel bigger by designing the project around a number of outdoor rooms. In a large space, distinct areas for cooking, eating and relaxing can be separated be vertical elements like steps, low walls and pillars, or a contrasting paver could be used to create the look of an area rug that helps visually ground furniture groupings. In a smaller space, the separation could be made by changing the style of paver used or adding a contrasting border to define the space.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living rooms have become quite popular in recent years. Outdoor furniture should be considered. Look for weather resistance in both the frames and fabrics. Sofas, club chairs and chaise lounges all help to create a living room atmosphere. The area may be open aired or covered. If covered, an actual roof may be built over the entire area, or you may opt for a slightly more open pergola. Consider creating shady areas if the space is hot and sunny. Large shade trees, pergolas and gazebos all work well. Who doesn’t enjoy a water feature? Whether it be more of a formal pool or a naturalistic pond with a waterfall, the sight and sound of running water is always enjoyable. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits both function for warmth and cooking and also add to the ambiance. Either of these may run on gas or be the more rustic wood burning types.The ultimate outdoor living rooms are perhaps those where the traffic of visitors can flow seamlessly from indoor to outdoor spaces. For those with spacious gardens or pool areas the outdoor living room may be a separate area for relaxing away from the house.

The outdoor living room is rapidly becoming a large part of family life today. Sitting on a comfortable couch with a gas fireplace on chilly evenings, homeowners find the ultimate in relaxation in their own backyard.

Outdoor Dining

One of the most relaxed and convenient ways to interact with family is on a dining table and in your backyard. An outdoor dining room can provide a great spot for a warm summer evening dinner party or a perfect spot for dinner on a cool fall day. Your outdoor dining space can feature elements such as patio table and chairs, fireplace or fire pit, outdoor lighting, outdoor serving bar, unbreakable dinner wear, mosquito net, citronella candles or tiki torches, outdoor sound system, and plenty of plants, trees, and flowers.


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