Here’s where researching your future employer in advance can really pay off. You might be sitting comfortably at home, but that doesn’t mean you should wear pajamas to the interview. Keep your clothing business casual to balance authenticity and professionalism while you make a good first impression.

If you’re using a dedicated microphone, you may prefer comfortable studio-style headphones without an in-line mic. If you want to reduce the amount of hardware you’re using, headphones with an in-line mic will be more appropriate. Yasmine advises this for any candidate to help deal with the mental stresses of the interview experience. Gaby Suarez, a senior technical recruiter at Remote, recommends candidates look for everything they can find about the company, both on its website and on external sources.

— Have Your Resume Ready

If your company has a more flexible work culture, this is a strong question to ask. Remote work comes with a long list of benefits and downsides, and they will differ from candidate to candidate. If your candidate says they don’t like that they don’t have an office to go to and you’re 100% remote, then remote work might not be the best option for them. It’s important to leave the candidate enough time to ask you additional questions. They shouldn’t leave the interview feeling like they have a long list of pressing questions they didn’t get to ask you. Originally written by Mel Larsen and published in March 2017, this post has been updated with some great new tips for acing a virtual job interview.

There are a few unspoken rules to setting up your video interview location and making sure your environment is as top-notch as it can be for this remote interview. Consider that what to wear to a remote interview depends on the industry. The “video interview dress code” will vary, whether you’re interviewing at remote interview meaning a chilled-out tech startup or an international bank. Now that you’re aware of the professional advice that comprises online interview tips, let’s see how to get ready for a video interview. Consider that on the bright side, a video interview is a great way to stay connected if you’re already working remotely.

Why are you considering leaving your current job?

Remember that, even if you’re getting ready to quit your job, avoid negative talk about your current employment. A smile is something that can shine through the computer screen like a bright light if you choose to act confident, grateful and happy to be speaking with your interviewer(s). If you suffer from phone anxiety, this may be a daunting prospect, but it’s really a cause for celebration. A phone call from a prospective employer is a good sign that your application stuck out to them. Hence, one needs to be very professional as you would’ve been on a regular interview. And by being on time for the interview, you’d get off to a good start.