Cathy is a personal essay writer for students. She helps students select the most appropriate essay prompts for their experience and background. Her approach is to use active rather than passive voice. She has helped students write many essays for academic use. She also uses the Montage Structure. Learn more about her writing process in this article.

Cathy is a personal essay author for students.

You’ve found the right place If you’re seeking an essay writer who can help with student projects. Cathy Dawson has been a professional writer for over five years. She holds a Masters degree in mass communication and is aware of the ins and outs of professional writing. Her clients love her work and leave her glowing feedback.

She utilizes the Montage Structure

A montage is a style of storytelling that connects a number of exciting scenes. It can be used to convey an engaging story in a captivating engaging, captivating, or compelling manner. This is a great structure for students of Type B and D. It takes more time and effort to create but article 91 free essay writer is an excellent method of telling an engaging story.

When writing an essay, it is important to keep in mind that the aim is to convey to readers some insight or value that you have that no one else can claim. A montage structure will help you demonstrate your unique skills to others. A montage design could be used to highlight your professional and academic goals, for example when you are looking to attend a prestigious school.

She assists students in choosing the best essay prompts based on their own experience and background.

Personal essay prompts need to be chosen with care. Most prompts are not suited for all students.students should select prompts that are appropriate for their experience and background. Certain students have distinct identities, talents or hobbies that merit sharing. If your life story is unique, it will be easier to write a personal essay.

She uses active rather than passive voice

Personal essayists should use active voice instead of passive voice. This style of writing is more direct and provides a more confident tone to the writer. Additionally the active voice emphasizes the topic. This style of writing avoids the common mistake of repeating ideas.

Passive voice is employed in cases where a reader can already know who did or said what. This is helpful when you want to concentrate on a process, object or other material, rather than a particular person. For instance, if want to write about a negative incident, you should use active rather than passive voice.

An active voice is more easy to read. It is less cluttered and straightforward. It also conveys the author’s intentions and feelings more clearly. Passive voice, on the other hand, is wordy and unwieldy.