There are plenty of sexual positions to experience with your partner, but not all are created equal. A few may work for everyone, nevertheless others could make you uneasy or even put a strain on your body system. So if you’re ready to turn it up at sex and give your orgasms a little bit of a boost, here are some of the best sex positions that are certain to please.

The sitting down lotus

This job is ideal for close kissing and eye contact, in accordance to Gigi Engle, the owner of sex education site SKYN Condoms. The penetrating spouse sits using their legs crossed in front and the person on top straddles or perhaps climbs upon their lap, wrapping all their legs about their knees like a koala bear. “Physically speaking, this position is remarkable for clitoral stimulation, ” Engle explains to Woman’s Working day. “It’s also great for patting and slowly, deep penetration. ”

The laying butterfly

A yoga-inspired sex position which involves the lovers lying down using their feet at the same time and their knees spread away from each other, this is a good approach to anyone who feels self-conscious about their belly location, says Melinda DeSeta, LMHC, a sex specialist in West Palm Beach, Florida. This position is simple and allows you to settle back into your sexual knowledge, which can help you are feeling more satisfaction and orgasm potential. It also helps to open up the hips and opens up a large amount of surface area with regards to skin-to-skin get in touch with.

The doggy spot

This common sex spot is perfect for people that have high flammes, as it makes for more depth of transmission from behind. It can be done sitting within the bed or standing up, plus the person on top may move their pelvis down and up or onward and returning to adjust with regards to anal or vaginal post. It can also be customized to include more closeness by using the receiving spouse closer to the penetrating spouse and inclined close consequently they can hug one another’s faces.


While many people think this is actually a position just for beginners, it’s actually a great way to increase intimacy and arousal by simply introducing face-to-face contact, as per to research released in August 2020 in the diary Sexual Medicinal drugs. The getting partner is placed down on their as well as the infiltrating partner stands up, facing all of them and with a hand on their chest or perhaps waist. They can lean rear or about accommodate anal or penile entry and shift their figures around simply because needed for comfort. It’s also a good choice for everyone who is wants to experience a clitoral stretch ahead of orgasm. This is often a fun challenge that can result in a better connection between the lovers and a deeper climax.